The thermal management challenge


Without real-time temperature data at critical points, electromechanical
systems are inherently under-optimized and over-designed.


By solving your Thermal Management challenges, you can unlock the full potential of High-Power-Density Systems.

NEWTWEN’s Digital Twin On-Chip Technology enhances

your hardware systems by:

Increasing Performance

Reducing BOM Cost

Extending Useful Life

What we offer

NEWTWEN creates real-time, physics-based, embedded software solutions to accurately estimate temperatures and other state parameters at physically inaccessible points inside the most demanding electromechanical systems—without adding any new hardware.

Embedded Intuition

Achieve the accuracy of world-class 3D multi-physics simulations within the computational constraints of real-time embedded systems.

Fast – Adaptive – Embeddable

“The best digital twin of your electric drive with unprecedented accuracy, real-time implementation, and advanced diagnostic capabilities”

Real-time monitoring

Embedded optimization

Fault identification

Model Predictive Control

Predictive maintenance

BOM Cost reduction

Early fault detection

Optimal thermal management

Virtual Sensing


Embedded Digital Twin Technology is finally here: join us in accelerating electrification through the digitalisation of your platforms.

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