A disruptive software solution which automatically generates digital twins on-chip for fast prediction of system parameters for electric motors and generators.

The software allows you to quickly emulate the physical behaviour of the motor across a wide range of operating conditions and accurately predict temperatures and other operating parameters that are otherwise difficult or impossible to measure.



The digital twin acts as a temperature soft-sensor in critical and inaccessible points. Ideal for rotor temperature estimation, it can be used for any type of static or rotating electric machine such as generators, synchronous motors and asynchronous motors.
  • Softs sensing of rotor temperature
  • Soft sensing of the shaft torque
  • Reverse porting

Key benefits

  • Number of motor temperature sensors decreased
  • Engine size reduction up to 15-20% without losing performances
  • Optimal motor cooling and control management with an increase in efficiency and decrease in failures
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Real-time fault detection
  • Fast prototyping and safe tests
  • Real-time temperature monitoring of motor parameters

MotorTWEN pre-launch version

The first commercial digital twin builder for electrical machines: run what-if scenarios, returning steady-state temperature forecasts with unprecedented speed. Try our software to build, simulate and evaluate results in a single platform.

Easy-to-use interface

Integrated model reduction

Parameters tuning with AI

Export to Matlab / Simulink

What is included

Use MotorTWEN for fast prototyping and generation of accurate electrothermal digital models of your system


  • Preloaded electric motor geometries
  • Material parameter configuration
  • Steady state electromagnetic FEM analysis
  • Virtual sensing of point temperature
  • Electrothermal digital twin generation
  • Customizable load scenario simulation
  • Post-processing and visualization of results
  • Export of the digital twin to Matlab/Simulink

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