End User License Terms

Version: September 2022


1. Scope | General

1.1 These End User License Terms (the “Terms”) apply between Hexadrive Engineering Srl, Via Nicolo’ Tommaseo, 75, 35131, Padova, also identified by the brand Newtwen (“Hexadrive Engineering” or “Hexadrive” or “Newtwen”), and the users of Hexadrive’s computer-aided engineering software product (the “Software”) or recipients of Hexadrive’s services (in each case, the “End User” or “End Users”) and shall form an integral part of any agreement between Hexadrive Engineering and End User, whether entered into by execution of order forms or other order documents by Hexadrive and End User, by completion of any click-through or other online process, by email correspondence or in any other form (the “Agreement”).

1.2 Newtwen may provide the Software to End User subject to payment of fees as software as a service in accordance with the Agreement. The Software is provided solely as software as a service, i. e., for browser-supported and Internet-based use via End User’s end devices. End User shall ensure that the end devices deployed for using the Software and the connections required comply with the minimum system requirements specified by Newtwen. Newtwen may, at its sole discretion, subcontract any or all its obligations under these Terms and any Agreement to third parties.

1.3 Specifications of the Software are included in the current documentation for the Software (the “Documentation”). Any other product information sent to End User, if any, such as marketing material, product descriptions, product roadmaps and the like, shall be for informational purposes only and shall not constitute binding declarations by Newtwen.

1.4 The version of these Terms which is applicable at the time concerned shall also apply to all future Agreements between End User and Newtwen without Newtwen being required to refer to these Terms in each individual case. These Terms shall be deemed to be confirmed by End User at the latest when Newtwen grants access to the Software or provides its Services.

1.5 These Terms shall apply exclusively. Any terms and conditions of End User which deviate from, conflict with or supplement these Terms shall only become part of the Agreement upon explicit prior written confirmation of Newtwen.

2. End User Account | Updates | Availability

2.1 In order to be able to use the Software in accordance with these Terms, End User shall apply via the registration form on Newtwen’s website, which creates a free base account (the “End User Account”) and give access to the Software.

2.2 Newtwen reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion to redesign and/or to partly or fully phase out the End User Account without replacement.

2.3 Newtwen may carry out necessary updates and upgrades to the Software in order to improve the usability, security or stability of the Software or to extend its features or to ensure its compliance with statutory requirements. Updates and upgrades to the Software shall be provided at Newtwen’s sole discretion.

2.4 Newtwen strives to offer constant availability of the Software but cannot warrant uninterrupted availability thereof. Newtwen offers the Software as a service and therefore has no influence and is not responsible for End User’s Internet access or Internet connection including its availability, bandwidth or any costs and expenses of End User associated therewith.

3. License Grant to the Software | License Restrictions

3.1 Subject to these Terms, Newtwen hereby grants to End User, during the Subscription Term, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable right and License to use the software as a service version of the Software on its end devices for private and/or internal business purposes only.

3.2 For the avoidance of doubt, End User’s affiliates (and employees thereof) shall not use the Software without Newtwen’s prior written consent.

3.3 Except as otherwise expressly provided in these Terms, End User shall not (and shall not permit any third party to): (a) sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute, share, lease, rent, make any external commercial use of, outsource, or otherwise generate income from the Software; (b) copy the Software onto any public or distributed network; (c) decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble any portion of the Software, or attempt to discover any source code or other operational mechanisms of the Software; (d) modify, adapt, translate or create derivative works based on all or any part of the Software; (e) use any components of the Software other than together with the Software; (f) modify any proprietary rights notices that appear in the Software or components thereof; (g) use the Software in violation of any applicable laws and regulations or outside of the License scope set forth herein; (h) configure the Software to collect (aa) any data that falls within the definition of ‘special categories of data’ within the meaning of the EU General Data Protection Regulation or a similar concept; (bb) passwords or other authentication credentials; (cc) any payment or other financial data, biometric data or genetic data; or (dd) any data relating to a person under the age of sixteen (16) years old (collectively, “Prohibited Data”); or (i) use the Software to (aa) store, download or transmit infringing, libelous, or otherwise unlawful or tortious material, or malicious code or malware, or (bb) engage in phishing, spamming, denial-of-service attacks or other fraudulent or criminal activity; (cc) interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of third-party systems, or the Software or data contained therein; (dd) attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Software or Newtwen’s systems or networks; or (ee) perform, or engage any third party to perform, authenticated or unauthenticated penetration testing, vulnerability assessments or other security assessments on the Software.

3.4 End User shall not export or re-export, directly or indirectly, any Software or technical data or any copy, portions or direct product thereof in breach of any applicable laws and regulations. In particular, End User and its affiliates shall comply with the sanctions imposed by the Italian Republic, the European Union and the United Nations, always insofar as they do not result in a violation of or a conflict with § 18 of the Italian Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (Decreto legislativo 15 dicembre 2017, n. 221) or a similar applicable anti-boycott statute. End User shall, at its own expense, obtain all necessary customs, import, or other governmental authorizations and approvals.

4. Proprietary Rights

4.1 Newtwen and its suppliers own and shall retain all proprietary rights, including all copyright, database rights, patent, trade secret, trademark and all other intellectual property rights, in and to the Software and the results of any Services. With respect to any portions of software included with the Software, which is licensed to Newtwen by its suppliers, such suppliers are third party beneficiaries of this Agreement (§ 832 Italian Civil Code). The Software may only be used by End User as prescribed by the Documentation.

5. Use of the Software | Content 

5.1 Ownership of and responsibility for all designs analyses, simulations, models, estimations, data and other results uploaded by End User within the Software or generated by End User through End User’s use of the Software (collectively, the “Content”) shall fully remain with End User or its respective owner.

6. Warranties

6.1 The extent, nature and quality of the services to be performed by Newtwen are determined by the Agreement and the Documentation. Any other information or requirements do only form part of the Agreement if and insofar Newtwen and End User so agree in writing or if Newtwen so confirms in writing. Product descriptions, illustrations, test programs, etc. represent mere service specifications but do not constitute guarantees or agreements on certain specifications. In order to be valid, an agreement on a guarantee requires the written confirmation from management personnel of Newtwen.

6.2 Any no-fault liability of Newtwen for the existence of initial defects under § 2043 Italian Civil Code shall be excluded.

6.3 End User’s claims for damages for a breach of this warranty are subject to the limitations set forth in clause 15.

7. Maintenance and Support 

7.1 Newtwen shall provide End User with support services for the Software including the rectification of defects in the Software to the extent agreed in the Agreement.

7.2 End User shall report any defects exclusively via the email support system offered by Newtwen, the support option within the Software or Newtwen’s help desk telephone number (during normal office hours at Newtwen’s premises).

7.3 Newtwen shall keep End User informed at reasonable intervals and to a reasonable extent of the status of the rectification of a defect. Newtwen makes no assurances as to the time at which a defect shall be removed.

7.4 In the event of defects of the Software leading to a material reduction of the usability of the Software, Newtwen shall be required to use commercially reasonable efforts to rectify the defect and if Newtwen is unable to materially restore such functionality within a reasonable period of time from the date of notice of said defect, End User shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement.

7.5 Under no circumstances shall End User be entitled to obtain the source code of the Software.

8. Legal Defects in the Software

8.1 To the extent that claims are made against End User by third parties alleging the infringement of property rights arising from the use of the Software, End User shall notify Newtwen without undue delay at least in text form (email shall suffice). Newtwen shall at its own discretion fulfil or defend the third-party claims or end the dispute by way of settlement. End User grants Newtwen the sole authority to decide on defense of rights and settlement negotiations. End User shall furnish Newtwen with any powers of attorney which may be required in this regard on a case-by-case basis and End User shall support Newtwen in the defense in any manner which may be reasonably expected.

8.2 In the event of an impairment of the permitted use of the Software due to a legal defect, Newtwen shall remove the reason for the claim for infringement of property rights within a reasonable period. At Newtwen’s discretion, Newtwen shall do so either by acquiring the right to continue to use the relevant services or by amending or replacing the relevant services within a reasonable scope.

8.3 Newtwen shall only be liable in respect of the infringement of property rights to the extent that the Software has been used in accordance with these Terms and the Agreement. Newtwen shall not be liable if the Software is modified by End User or third parties or is combined, operated or used with programs or data not provided by Newtwen or approved in advance in writing by Newtwen and third-party claims are derived therefrom.

8.4 If claims are made against Newtwen within the scope of the foregoing provisions in clauses 8.3, End User shall indemnify Newtwen from such claims upon first request.

9. Fees | Payment Terms 

9.1 End User’s right to use the Software in accordance with these Terms and the Agreement under the End User Account shall be free of charge.

10. Additional Services

10.1 Newtwen and End User may agree on the provision of additional services by Newtwen to End User (the “Services”) on a case by case basis. The Services may include but are not limited to training and enablement services and/or general consulting services in connection with the use of the Software by End User. Newtwen and End User shall agree on the scope of the Services as well as the Service fees and the Service term (if any) on a case by case basis.

10.2 All Services shall be rendered on a time and materials basis. End User shall reimburse Newtwen for travel and expenses (at cost) incurred in connection with the Services (if any).

10.3 When providing the Services, Newtwen does not owe and shall not be liable for any specific outcome or result vis-à-vis End User (§ 611 Italian Civil Code).

10.4 End User agrees to provide reasonable cooperation and information as necessary to permit Newtwen to perform the Services. Newtwen staff shall not be integrated into the operational organization of the End User. Instructions to Newtwen staff must not be given by End User’s staff or representatives but only by Newtwen’s representatives.

11. Subscription Term | Termination 

11.1 The term of the Agreement shall initially be twelve (12) months, starting on the date agreed between Newtwen and End User. It shall always renew by another twelve (12) months unless earlier terminated in accordance with these Terms (the initial term and any renewal term thereof together the “Subscription Term”).

11.2 Newtwen and End User may terminate the Agreement for convenience with effect to the end of the then current Subscription Term with two (2) weeks’ prior notice. Any right to terminate the Agreement for convenience with effect prior to expiry of the Subscription Term shall be excluded.

11.3 The right to extraordinarily terminate the Agreement (§ 2237 Italian Civil Code) shall remain unaffected. Good cause entitling Newtwen to terminate the Agreement without notice for good cause in case the End User breaches the use restrictions under clause 3.

12. Confidentiality 

12.1 If Newtwen or End User receive Confidential Information (as defined below), they may only use such Confidential Information to exercise their rights and fulfil their obligations under the Agreement and shall take reasonable measures to avoid unauthorized disclosure or misuse of Confidential Information. They shall not disclose Confidential Information, except (a) to their employees, subcontractors, or professional advisers who have a legitimate need to know the Confidential Information and are legally bound to keep such Confidential Information confidential, (b) to a potential acquirer of its relevant assets, stock, or business under a strict duty of  confidentiality, but only to the extent such potential acquirer has executed a term sheet, letter of intent or other similar agreement to negotiate such acquisition, and (c) as required to be disclosed by applicable law, or judicial or other governmental or regulatory order. These Terms and the Agreement constitute Confidential Information of Newtwen.

12.2 “Confidential Information” means any information that is directly or indirectly disclosed or made accessible in connection with the Agreement (a) to Newtwen by or on behalf of End User, or (b) to End User by or on behalf of Newtwen, and which is identified as ‘confidential’ or ‘proprietary’ or which, given the nature of the information or circumstances surrounding the disclosure, should reasonably be understood by the recipient to be confidential or proprietary, but does not include information that the recipient can demonstrate it already rightfully knew or possessed, becomes public through no fault of the recipient, is received by the recipient from a third party with the legal right to disclose it, or can be shown to have been independently developed by the recipient without reference to the discloser’s Confidential Information.

13. Data Protection 

13.1 Newtwen and End User shall comply with any applicable laws concerning the protection of personal data including but not limited to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. If required by such laws, Newtwen and End User shall enter into a separate written agreement on the processing of personal data.

14. No Set-off | Limitation of Right of Retention | No Assignment 

14.1 End User may only invoke a right to set-off and assert a right of retention to the extent that its claims have been (a) finally established by a court of law, (b) are uncontested, (c) or have been acknowledged by Newtwen.

14.2 End User shall not assign any of its rights or obligations under these Terms or under the Agreement without the prior written consent of Newtwen.

15. Newtwen’s Liability 

15.1 Newtwen shall be unrestrictedly liable for (a) injury to life, body or health, (b) damage caused intentionally or with gross negligence, (c) damage resulting from the breach of Newtwen’s primary obligations whereby primary obligations are such basic duties which form the essence of the Agreement, which were decisive for the conclusion of the Agreement and on the performance of which End User may rely, (d) damage resulting from the absence of any guaranteed characteristics, and (e) claims under the Italian Product Liability Act (Direttiva 85/374/CEE).

15.2 Any other liability of Newtwen not listed in clause 15.1 shall be excluded.

15.3 The total liability of Newtwen arising out of or in connection with these Terms and the Agreement, whether in contract or tort or otherwise shall in no circumstances exceed a sum equal to 100% of the total fees paid (plus fees payable) by End User in the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the event which gave rise to the liability.

15.4 End User agrees and acknowledges that the Software offers an engineering simulation platform that analyses fictitious data uploaded by Newtwen and provides simulation capabilities relating to, for example, electromagnetic and thermal analyses, as the case may be, for the sole purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of Newtwen’s Software. As a consequence, Newtwen is not responsible for (a) the correctness, completeness, integrity and accuracy of any data resulting from usage of the Software by End User, (b) any Content as defined in clause 5.1, (c) any conclusions drawn by End User or any third party from any simulation, calculation, modelling or other process or operation executed by the Software or by End User using the Software, (d) the technical, scientific, legal and commercial feasibility of any resulting model and undertaking of End User or any third party, and (e) the economic and financial viability of any project, product and undertaking of End User or any third party.

16. Revision of these Terms

16.1 Newtwen may amend and/or update these Terms with future effect from time to time and as necessary for technical, economic or legal reasons.

16.2 Any revision of these Terms shall be announced to End User in text form (simple email shall suffice) no later than six (6) weeks before their proposed effective date.

16.3 End User may either approve or object to the revision before their proposed effective date. The revision shall be deemed approved by End User, unless End User objects to the revision before their proposed effective date. Newtwen shall expressly inform End User thereof in the respective announcement.

17. Applicable Law | Jurisdiction 

17.1 These Terms and any Agreement and all rights arising from or in connection therewith shall exclusively be governed by Italian law excluding any of its conflict of law’s provisions which lead to the application of the law of a country other than Italy. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.

17.2 If End User is a business or a business person acting in the course of their business, the venue of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms and any Agreement shall be Padova, Italy. In other cases, the statutory rules on the place of jurisdiction shall apply.

18. Written Form | Severability 

18.1 Amendments and supplements to these Terms and or the Agreement shall be subject to a written agreement by End User and Newtwen in order to be valid. The same shall apply to any agreement to deviate from or cancel this requirement of written form.

18.2 Should any provision of these Terms be or become ineffective or invalid in whole or in part, the effectiveness and validity of the other provisions of these Terms shall not be affected. Such ineffective or invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision which comes as close as legally possible to what Newtwen and End User would have agreed, pursuant to the meaning and purpose of the original provision and of these Terms if they had recognized the ineffectiveness or invalidity of the original provision. If the ineffectiveness or invalidity of a provision is based on the determination of a certain level of performance or a certain time (deadline or fixed date), such ineffective or invalid level or time shall be replaced by the level or time which comes as close as legally possible to the original level or time. The foregoing shall also apply to any possible omission in these Terms that was not intended by Newtwen and End User. It is the express intention of Newtwen and End User that this savings clause does not just have the effect of shifting the burden of proof but that § 1419 Italian Civil Code is entirely dispensed with.

19. Miscellaneous 

19.1 Where the expressions ‘in writing’, ‘written form’ or variations thereof are used in these Terms, this shall mean ‘in writing’ within the meaning of § 1350 of the Italian Civil Code. The electronic exchange of copies of documents signed by hand shall suffice. Unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms, simple emails shall not suffice.

19.2 Except as otherwise expressly provided for in these Terms, any notices and declarations submitted by End User to Newtwen, including but not limited to notices of termination or setting of deadlines, shall be made at least in text form to be valid; a simple email shall suffice if not stipulated otherwise in these Terms.

19.3 These Terms and/or any Agreement between Newtwen and End User do not create any company, joint venture, partnership, or any company of any other kind between Newtwen and End User. No transfer of employees within the meaning of the Italian Transfer of Employees Act shall take place.

19.4 References to statutory provisions in these Terms shall be for clarification purposes only. Consequently, statutory provisions shall also apply without such clarification provided that they are not directly amended or expressly excluded by these Terms.